Polyolefin Elastomer


Polyolefin elastomer (POE) is a copolymer of ethylene and 1-octene or 1-butene and
refers to a polyolefin with very low density in the range of 0.857~0.890 g/cm3.

Characteristics and Applications

Nexlene POE is manufactured using ethylene and 1-octene, and has the advantages of very low crystallinity, high elasticity, and high impact strength.

  • It is widely used as an impact modifier to improve impact resistance by blending with resins such as polypropylene (PP), nylon, etc. which have low impact resistance.

  • POE is easier to us compared to EPDM which is a rubber used for automotive materials, is economical and has superior characteristics so the number of applications where POE is used are increasing.

  • POE is used in various applications such as photovoltaic encapsulant films, shoe soles, wire and cables, NVH parts, low temperature adhesive films, etc.


Sales product name : SKGC: SUPREME, SABIC: COHERE™
  • Automotive

  • Foams

  • Wire & Cable

  • Film