Metallocene LLDPE


mLLD refers to an LLDPE produced with metallocene catalyst technology. LLDPE means linear low density polyethylene and
the Nexlene products having densities above 0.910 g/cm3 are mLLDs.

Characteristics and Applications

mLLD products are differentiated from conventional Ziegler-Natta catalyst produced LLD products with their superior impact resistance and transparency and also they have high productivity from low motor loads and excellent bubble stability.

  • Main applications of mLLD are packaging films,
    industrial films and stretch films.

  • The highest density product has a density of 0.940 g/cm3 and
    is used for underfloor heating (PERT II).


Sales product name : SKGC : SUPREME, SABIC: SUPEER™
  • Blown Film

  • Cast Film

  • Pipe