Polyolefin Plastomer


POP means polyolefin plastomer and
Nexlene POP products have a density between 0.890 g/cm3 and 0.910 g/cm3.

Characteristics and Applications

POP produced using NexleneTM technology has superior heat seal performance with low seal initiation temperature and high heat seal and hot tack strengths.
Also, they have excellent processability, transparency, stretchability, hygiene, etc.

  • POP is widely used as heat sealant in the innermost layer of multilayer films
    for food and industrial packaging.

  • Other applications include stretch hoods, shrinkage films,
    extrusion coating, IV bags, etc.


Sales product name : SKGC: SUPREME, SABIC : FORTIFY™
  • Inner Layer of Film

  • Coating

  • Medical Application