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Better Sustainability Solutions

“Our aim is to be a global leader in the development of advanced
polyethylene made using sustainable and efficient process technology to
make the world a better place though innovative chemistry”.

SSNC CTO Ahmad Alshaiban

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    R&D Center

    Established in 2015, SSNC R&D was created to harness the expertise and global reach of SABIC and SK to lead the field through the development and commercialization of Next generation polyethylene products “Nexlene™”.

    This synergy proved to be very successful since the center was established few short years ago. Success at the center made Nexlene™ products attractive to sophisticated customers around the world. As results, we earned the respect and attention of the high-end polyolefin market in a record time.

    From day one, SSNC R&D has focused on competing and leading the development of advanced metallocenes to produce next generation polyethylenes. Our focus was to make Polyethylene part of the solution to address key global issues including climate change. For example, we have already developed best in class photovoltaic encapuslants for the manufacturing of long lasting and efficient solar panels. We have also introduced new to the world plastomers for high-end food packaging applications to reduce food waste and improve shelf life.

    The center is focused on happy working environment to foster innovation though positive collaboration among employees and the global support network we established. In the span of few years, our process development effort resulted in over 50% reduction in utility consumption, a key milestone in our journey towards zero emission.

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    Taking part in one of the most advanced polyolefin research centers in the world, SSNC R&D has recruited top Korean talent to work with a global multinational team in a state-of-the-art facility in Daejeon. As a SK affiliate in Korea, SSNC has the advantage to benefit from the location and resources of SK Innovation R&D center.
    In addition to working closely with SABIC R&D centers in China, Saudi Arabia, Netherlands, and the United States, the center also work closely with top universities and research institutes in four continents.

    At this global R&D center, professional senior researchers and young talents are our true assets so we continue to invest in the most advanced tools and skills to maintain a strong pipeline of talented researchers who we believe will take the technology to the next level.
    We have great ambitions to make this center one of the top destination for some of the best researchers. Our scientists and engineers are our most critical force that will help Nexlene™ becomes the growth leader in the upcoming 5-10 years.

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    SSNC will be the top tier in polyolefin industry with better sustainability solutions. R&D will take on the challenges and make it happen with the best talented researchers.
    In this website, you will have an excellent view of our company and innovative R&D Center that we are proud of.